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Professional Overview:

Joser Rosales, the visionary behind Explozo's Custom Tattoos, is an award-winning tattoo artist specializing in Black and Grey artistry. Established in 2010, the studio has garnered recognition, including the prestigious Roseville Expo Award in 2014. The moniker "Explozo" originated in 2002 during Joser's academic tenure at Collins College in Tempe, Arizona. Inspired by his dynamic basketball skills, the name captures the essence of his explosive artistry.

As the proprietor of Explozo's Custom Tattoos, Joser is a self-taught artist with a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess. He embodies a balanced persona—confident yet humble, with a comedic flair that infuses positivity into his professional environment. His approachable demeanor makes him a highly sought-after artist in the industry.

Our Approach:

At Explozo's Custom Tattoos, we prioritize client collaboration and encourage you to come equipped with your creative ideas, supplemented by reference images. This proactive approach significantly expedites the design phase.


Our studio does not offer flash designs; instead, we focus on custom artistry, ranging from realism and portraits (both color and black and grey) to new school designs and script lettering.


While we are open to a wide array of artistic challenges, we do not offer permanent face makeup services. Our ultimate goal is to align our artistic vision with your personal preferences, ensuring a tattoo that you will cherish.

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