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About Me

I'm Eneas Rosales, and I'm proud to be a tattoo artist at Explozo Custom Tattoos in Orland, California.


My journey in the world of tattoos spans a rich six years, and it's been an incredible artistic adventure. I began with a strong foundation in black and grey ink and developed a knack for lettering, but now, I'm diving headfirst into the thrilling realm of color realism, all in the pursuit of expanding my artistic horizons.

What truly sets me apart is the invaluable experience I've gained from collaborating with award-winning tattoo artists. These collaborations have been instrumental in nurturing my passion for art. My artistic repertoire is quite diverse, ranging from creating breathtaking landscapes and lifelike portraits to crafting intricate lettering, vibrant graffiti, classic renaissance styles, and even meticulously detailed architectural designs. My artistic journey has been a voyage of continuous learning and growth, a testament to my unyielding dedication.

My roots in Northern California have had a profound influence on my artistry. The natural beauty of this region, with its captivating sunsets, awe-inspiring sunrises, and the vitality of its rivers, has become a wellspring of inspiration for my work. I've always believed that my art has the power to bring joy and meaning to the lives of those I hold dear.

As an athlete, I approach my artistry with the same level of dedication and commitment. It's not just about the medium I use, whether it's skin or paper; it's about how art becomes an extension of oneself, a unique form of self-expression.


With over two decades of unwavering devotion to my craft, I am profoundly grateful for my artistic journey thus far. I eagerly anticipate the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, both in my personal artistic growth and the potential collaborations with fellow enthusiasts who share my passion for artistry.

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